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Remote World

A collection of resources to work from home.

The world is becoming a remote one. Remote World hopes to serve as a resource to help the newly distributed workforce of the world find curated resources to make their new office better than ever.

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Standing Desks
Standing Desks are a game changer for working from anywhere!
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Practice proper posture and stay comfortable during the workday even from home - options for every budget!
Separate your work-life and your home-life with an invigorating walk coupled by a daily podcast. Here are some of my favorites:
Start your morning off on the right foot with exotic or local blends delivered directly to your doorstep.
Home chefs of every skill level and the pickiest of pallettes can all rejoice at meal subscription services catering to all tastes.
Whether enjoying a monday morning beer or a glass of cabernet sauvignon on a Friday afternoon, subscription services exist for every kind of drinker.
Any more suggestions?

If you know of any great work from home resources, fill out this brief form and I will update this site in a timely manner. If you found it useful, definitely share!

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